About us

SMB is engaged in handling projects and work in the following speciality disciplines:

    * Plant construction
    * Pipe-work construction
    * Steel construction
    * Relocating companies
    * Manufacturing and
    * Engineering

Registered capital: € 730.000,00.

Ever since the company was founded we have been active in the above areas in Austria and, for a considerable part in the countries of the European Union as well as overseas.

Central to business are commissions for industrial plant and pipe-work construction, both as lump sum orders or as orders billed according to ongoing work performed.
Within our organisation we have at our disposal a flexible pool of transport vehicles and machinery, including high grade specialised and manual tools.

As a welding company we hold accreditation for ÖNORM 7812 Part 1 and AS 2000 HP 0 EN ISO 3834-2 in full compliance with the pressure units regulation 97/23/EG, and our qualified personnel we are competent to TUV-acceptance.
To assure and enhance the offered quality service we are registered ISO 9001:2000isupported by the introduction in 2001 of the Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC).

For all projects – whether it is conducting a feasability study, building new facilities or managing a construction site – we are a leading provider.